Billing Terms And Conditions

Terms Mentioned Below

  1. The terms and conditions which are present below are associated with the all the objects that you have ordered with us either through phone, or through our website or any page of our site which is associated with Terms and conditions which are mentioned below is a form of agreement between you and our company. All the terms and conditions which are mentioned below, along with our privacy policy and the email which we sent to an order confirmation is a form of agreement between you and us. During your order processing we will obtain an email address from you either on call or by an email address. In case that you have not provided us the email address then we will dispatch the product for you according to your billing address
  1. The terms and conditions which are mentioned below cannot be change in to another soft or hard form until it is provided by us or by our legal lawyer
  1. We can change the terms and condition which are present on our site now and the changes in those terms and conditions will be posted on our website. Only those changes will be associated with you that are present on the website at the time of purchase.
  1. Our employees or any other agents of our company are not allowed to make any representation regarding order which is you have ordered with us. Be very careful that you are not dependent on any other agent for this purpose
  1. Every order by you will be considered a separate request between you and our company. An end of one order does not mean that second order will be automatically returned.
  1. The terms and condition are valid for you only when you make purchase and buy an order from us. However, terms and conditions are not applicable for just viewers of website

Payments and Orders

2.1 The products which are present on our website are a proposal that you buy from us, when you call us or email us to make an order we will send you a confirmation email that your order is being processed and confirmed by us. Any sort of agreement between you and us is not eligible until we take payment from you in the form of installments. An agreement between you and us will be started the moment we will email you that your product has been confirmed and it has been dispatched.

2.2 It is your responsibility to check the order through order confirmation receipt that the order we have dispatched is correct or not.

2.3 We can take the payment in any form from you the moment you submit a request to process an order for you

2.4 Actual cost of the product is available on the website. If by mistake we have underquoted the product then we will tell you the actual price of the product before dispatch.

2.5 The cost of the product which is available on the website includes all variable expenses like expanses of labor, work and protection of objects which can change in different circumstances. We can change the price of the object before making dispatching for you. Price of the products can be changed also if you change the order

Compare and Match Price Guarantee Offer

3.1 In different times we are offering price that is according to the price of competitors. Our customers should notice that the offer which new provide to meet the prices of the competitors can vary in different conditions

3.2 Before you provide us with the price of the product you should take into account that whether we are providing that product in bulk or not. Because mostly we have keep limit that how much product can be sale in givendays?

3.3 If our competitors have put on sales or any other discounts then we are not accustom to meet the prices of those products

3.4 Each and every data that can help our customers to meet the prices of our products with our competitors’ products will be given to you

3.5 An approximate time which is require to meet your demands will be provided to you

3.6 We have all the rights to cancel the request of any customer to meet the price with competitors without giving any argument


4.1 Prices on our website can be changed depending on the condition in the surrounding environment and with these changes we are not accountable to any changes in the price which were previously present on our website

4.2 Please take this thing into account that all the prices and the measurements which are present on our website are used for approximation purposes only and we do not guarantee any exact color and measurement of the given order

4.3 Please also notice that we are not able to provide you the exact picture of the product because the change in the resolution and megapixels of camera

Credit Accounts

5.1 Terms and conditions which are mentioned above are for those people that are going to make an order from us and not for those individuals who are just here to randomly visit the website

5.2 Our company always want to take each and every amount of the order before making any dispatchment

5.3 Please make sure that you provide correct and accurate information of your credit card and other account details in order to proceed your order feasibly

Our Policy of Delivery

6.1 Delivery of an order will be made to that address which you will tell us during your order processing either through email or through phone call. We make sure that you will be provided the exact charges of delivery during your order processing

6.2 We only delivery the products to your door and don’t to your upstairs department or any other place

Changes Made Before Delivery

We take into account all the changes you made into your order before we have dispatched the product for you