Anti slip GRP Grating

Anti-Slip GRP Grating is durable, versatile and high-quality flooring. This granting is alternative to steel mesh grating. Available with proven reliability in the areas of high traffic by offering slip-resistant quality. Withstand high stress and bear heavy weight loads. Ideal in all types of environments and temperature.Lightweight and easy to install. Once install can be left as no maintenance required. These gratings are corrosion resistant and fire-resistant. These are economical and maintenance-free. This grating creates a safer environment and can be applied easily to any substrate.No specific tool required. Offers high grip and anti-slip flooring. The material used in the making of this grating is of high quality as we deal with quality products so we prefer to provide high-quality products to avoid any inconvenience. The cost-effective grating is suitable for commercial as well as workplaces.

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