Anti Slip Stair Tread

The stair treads are specially designed to cover or hide your old or existing stairs. Anti-slip stair treads are the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for improving safety. These are easy and quick to install. Needs no tool and special method to install and clean.Best for the worn and high footfall stairs.Easily available in different finishes and colours. Anti-slip stair treads will assist you to achieve DDA compliance. Available in grey or black treads with white or yellow nosing. These treads are made up of durable, tough and hardwearing GRP. As far as quality is concerned we don’t compromise on quality and offer good quality products. The treads ensure the safety and protection in a wet environment, so it’s easy to use the stairs in this type of wet environment. These are cost-effective and have a good finish. Ideal for commercial as well as for residential areas.Highly recommended for safety purposes.

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