Non Slip Decking Strips

The decking strips are widely used for commercial and residential settings. The decking strips have good grip and stability. These decking strips can easily be cleaned with the use of wood cleaners, gritted paint and tape. The non-slip decking strips reduce the slip issues as they are easy and quick solution to improve the safety in potentially slippery areas. Decking strips make the deck and stairs non-slippery and elegant. Cost-effective strips are easy to install and ensure stability. Our non-slip strips are made up of durable, tough, hardwearing and fungus resistant material so these are suitable for wet, frosty and damp conditions. These strips are rot-proof and twist-proof. The quality of the strips is too good to offer trouble-free services for many years. The strips are of elegant look and ensure safety. These strips are easy to install thus require not any tool or rule.

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