Fine Grit Black Stair Nosing Anti Slip Edge Nosing

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  1. Our  Aluminum Stair Nosing can be used for variety of materials like wood, Laminate, Carpet, Vinyl or Tiled steps which giving you an ideal completion to protect your steps against slipperiness.
  2. Our stair nosing can be easily installed by using glue or screws and they can be attach to any surface for a quite long time.
  3. Our stair come in nice packing from factory so that you can get a nice surface and original look without any damage which will enhance the safety of your home and children.

Improve stair safety with Anti-Slip Stair Nosing– Quick and easy to install, our non-slip stair nosing offers a cost effective, long term solution to stair safety.
Medium Grit Stair Nosing:
For wet, frosty and oily conditions. Suitable for most applications and will give many years of service under normal conditions. With outstanding slip resistance improving stair safety, ideal for commercial, industrial and domestic environments. Generally for exterior use but can be used inside for wet or high risk areas.
Fine Grit Stair Nosing:
For normal pedestrian traffic, wet and oily conditions. With outstanding slip resistance improving stair safety, for more sensitive areas such as play areas, barefoot areas, hospitals, schools, in domestic and commercial environments. For interior or exterior use.
Visual contrast:
Stair safety for the visually impaired. Stair Nosings help you comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and the Equality Act 2010, with particular reference to the visually impaired. The Act, indicates that all stairs accessed by members of the public should have a contrasting colour nosing fitted to all step edges and in addition such stair nosings should provide a slip resistant surface particularly when wet.
For the Light Reflectance Values (LRV) of the colours of our Stair Nosings, see Light Reflectance Values. LRVs are specified in the DDA guidelines to ensure there is sufficient visual contrast for use by the partially sighted.
Non slip stair nosing for slippery steps:
Made from tough, hard wearing and durable GRP, Safe Tread Stair Nosings will last for many years, outperforming many short term tape solutions. Supplied with a choice of medium grit or fine grit (see Specification), undrilled or predrilled.


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