Return & Refund Policy

Before Delivery Order Cancellation

Unless we have not dispatched the order you can add / remove anything in your order. And if any case we have dispatched your order then each and every new item will be considered as a new order according to the rules of the company.

After Delivery Cancellation Process

If you return the order to us within 14 days of after delivery then you can apply for refund to us. However, if in any situation you are unable to return the order within 14 days of after delivery then the amount which you have paid for the order will be secured by the company for the future order according to the rules of the refund and return policy of Floor Safety First.

The order which the customer is going to give the company must be in original condition, should be brand new and must be in original packaging

Refund will be given to the customer only in that case if an order is received within 14 days.

Refund Policy

According to the refund and return policy of company refund is given to customer only when we receive the original product within 14 days of delivery

Amount of Refund

Customer is our main priority so we refund 100% amount (excluding the shipping charges) if our customer wants to return the order and want refund for that order.

However, if in any case company comes to know that product is damaged or destroyed or not in the original condition then the company is going to deduct more amount from the amount which is refunded to customer

How to Make Request of Return or Refund

  • If in any case customer want to return the order and enquire for refund then the customer should call the company to know about the actual address and phone number where customers want to return the order.

For any enquiry contact us feel free to contact our customer service team either at Phone: +44 2081 443 404 or through email

Monday – Friday   8:00 am – 5:00 pm

  • If in any case customers want the collection of an order then we can also appoint a collection carrier of any courier company but in this situation company will charge some extra amount

Our company is asking its customers to take the pictures of the order which they want to make refund so that we come to know about the original condition of products.

Process of How to Return Order

If customer wants then we can appoint a representative of courier company for the collection of an order. It is completely the responsibility of customer to be at the exact place and at the right time where collection of order has to be placed. If in any case customer miss the opportunity to be there at the time of collection of object then company is going to charge more in order to execute one more collection of an order.

Policy of Exchange Order and Return

If by mistake customer has placed the wrong order then we also offer exchange of an object policy in which customer can exchange the product in following two ways

  • Customer can directly parcel the object to our official address which is Flat 2 – 39 Francis St, Stoneygate, Leicester, LE2 2BE
  • Or customer can also take collection of order in the form of our courier service which will collect you order at your place but in this case we will deduct shipping charges.

Company simply holds the right to make more amount from customer for collecting an order, to make re- delivery and re- processing the order

Faulty or Defective Goods If in any condition by mistake the order which is provided by the company is not original, broken, or defective then the company will make all the payments regarding the exchange of an object.